The German passive house project

a new project in Germany

Have any of you ever heard of the new passive house project in Germany?
Although the name of the project does not make you think of anything good, in reality the passive house is a springboard. In the real estate and construction sectors, thanks to this innovation, great positive changes are expected.
Do you want to know more about the German passive house project ? Well, you’re in the right place, because we at Realigro have created an interesting column on the passive house project.
Let’s start!

Passive houses : what are they?

What does mean “passive houses“? The concept was born in Germany, about twenty years ago, but has come back in vogue in the last period. It is a project oriented towards housing redevelopment.
In detail, the main objectives are the creation of low-emission models. Hence the name “Passivhaus”.

Needs: why choose passive houses?

Why should we join the new passive house project? The idea is to create simple structures that “passively” are able to benefit from all the comforts and benefits with zero emissions. First of all, to realize sunny houses full of light in total respect of the environment, will lead to lower costs. In what area? Without a doubt the energy one!

Passive houses in Germany The new passive house project

The structure: how will passive houses look?

To have a passive house of all respect, you must follow simple precautions. First of all, the design: minimal and functional. This is also because one of the many objectives has a social purpose. Everyone can afford to live in a house full of comfort without having to spend a fortune.

In addition, at the structural level, the roofs have to be 15 degrees. Why? To allow optimal entry of sunlight. This will allow the entire building to be permanently illuminated and heated. Considering that the idea is to create terraced houses, it is obvious that there will be a study of light, to allow the concatenation ” solar ” in all homes.

Access to the street is also not an element to forget. In fact, common areas will allow and encourage dialogue and socialization.
It is accused that technology has overshadowed human relations.
With this particular device, these homes in Germany (but destined in every country) will not lose human contact.

So what are the expected results in this area? Without a doubt, the advent of this new real estate category will also have a strong positive impact on construction. The latter will then have to apply the new structural schemes to future homes. In addition, we hope that the project can expand like wildfire, given the economy of the same.

More functional, economical houses, but above all close to the needs of the investor. Being adherent to the buyer is in fact an important prerogative . Just think that the market could go into crisis if it fails to constantly update to ”meet” the demand.
What we can say , more than passive, these homes, it seems to have activated a wave of optimism!

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