Sustainable prefabricated houses

When sustainability is the key to everything

We have often talked about sustainable houses, but not about prefabricated houses . The year 2020 has opened up completely to sustainable technology, thanks in part to the climate issue supported and highlighted by the little Swede Greta Thunberg . And a positive response to this stimulus has been given precisely by the housing market.
For this reason, we decided to investigate how real estate has come closer to the concept of sustainability by analysing some noteworthy prefabricated houses.
We can therefore begin with our column today !

Sustainable prefabricated houses
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Prefabricated houses: the characteristics

Before trying our own analysis, let us try to understand what a prefabricated building actually is and, above all, why it is appropriate.
Prefab houses are structures that are often built in highly seismic areas. One of the main characteristics of prefabricated houses is the ability to be highly resistant to the phenomena of this nature.

Moreover, in addition to the ease of construction, this type is the best because wood is an excellent insulating material. Ease of construction and sustainability are the two elements that therefore characterize the prefabricated buildings.
Let’s not forget, however, the third element, the one related to the cost. A prefabricated building has costs much lower than those of any standard structure. For this reason, the choice is not so sacrificed, on the contrary!

Sweden : prefabs and solar power

One emblematic case, which we felt it was right to mention, is undoubtedly the Swedish case.
In the city of Örebro, sustainable prefabricated houses are a new phenomenon . The peculiarity of these houses is their ability to capture maximum sunlight thanks to panels placed on extremely sloping roofs. The facade is modern, thanks to the presence of alternating panels that ensure a dynamism also visual. The colour is white, given by the plaster.

With details in steel or wood, such as the trellis roof, this houses are so amazing . Among the winning design choices, we also remember the need to adapt to the natural orientation of the houses (direct or opposite to the Sun) of the structures that can allow to accumulate as much light as possible.

California: garden prefabs

Another example that we have decided to include in our guidebook is the Californian one.
Thanks to the relaxation of the rules and regulations relating to the so-called ‘ADU’. …the number of prefabricated buildings has increased.
What does mean this acronym ? The term ADU refers to accessory housing units, increasingly in demand by potential buyers. A real boom, which has decided to combine with an interest in the environment.

Among the most innovative prefabricated units, we remember the small ” garden shelters”. It’s possible to use the wooden structures as offices, as yoga rooms in the middle of nature or as real homes. The peculiarity? Almost no environmental impact, thanks to the materials used, such as birch wood or bamboo. The clean shapes and the large windows also allow, on a visual level, that there is no discontinuity with the surrounding environment.
Also in this case, there are solar panels, well inserted in the structure of the house.

And you, have you ever considered buying a prefabricated house ?

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