Brick and Covid prices

The changes

The doubt about future brick prices in relation to the Covid situation is gripping many people. Many investors are doubtful about the evolution of real estate. Similarly, there are many owners who want to sell their homes without devaluing them. The risk of the property being devalued is, in fact, extremely high. Especially in areas where the economy is struggling to take off again. That is why, today, we have decided to analyse the situation in Europe in detail. In terms of post-Covid brick prices.

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The situation

In general, according to economists, Europe will experience its deepest crisis until 2022 this year. A very long recession. But at the same time, there is likely to be a recovery, albeit a gradual one. But much faster than the post-2008 financial crisis.

Brick prices and Covid

But what will prices be like in the main European countries from 2020 to 2022?
To answer this question, we decided to analyse the potential price developments from 2020 to 2022 in a sample of 10 European countries (the most influential).

Belgium will go from an already consolidated increase of 1.4% to a nice 2.8% in 2022. A similar situation will arise in France, which will be slightly different from the previous country in 2022 ( + 2.5%).
Germany, on the other hand, starting from a shy 1.2%, will surprise everyone in 2022 with a good 3.9%.

Special case for Italy. The beautiful Peninsula, with an encouraging 3 %, will reach to keep the prices unchanged in 2022. Will it really be like that?
So far, it seems to be the only country that stands out in neutrality.
Worthy of mention are undoubtedly Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. In 2022, they will see a radical increase in prices (by 4% , 4.7% , 6% and 5% respectively).
Switzerland and the United Kingdom will not exceed 3.5%.

Brick and Covid prices


In short, generally speaking, we can say that there will be a price increase, and it will affect most European countries. Obviously, it can be seen that this “strategy” is aimed at creating a much faster economic recirculation. There are, however, also a great many countries that are unlikely to be able to recover. The Italian example is clear. But it is hoped that until 2022 there will be no need for a price increase in order to stay afloat.

We remember, moreover, that the increase in prices must be analyzed according to the type of demand present in a territory. Often, in fact, in areas where the luxury segment is predominant, the price increase of the respective real estate market is almost useless.

We hope that, regardless of this data, all countries can begin to resume the normal routine that still seems so far away. And that real estate can contribute to this economic and social recovery.

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