Young people and pensioners

Two generations in real estate Young people and pensioners are usually the most extreme and sensitive categories when analyzing the market. With diametrically opposed needs or similar, they represent the two extremes. Even in the real estate market, one cannot fail to refer to this very marked distinction. Different needs, opposite behaviours and different timescales. […]

Spain like Germany

Rent and suspended payments Spain like Germany seems to have adopted the same policy to protect real estate. Just in the last column, we addressed this issue. In order to overcome the problem of the coronavirus, there are two months of moratorium in Spain, which can be extended, and possible compensation for owners. But let […]

Germany and rents

The new protections Germany and rents ! As we know, the Coronavirus is creating significant problems in all the nations of the world. From the most developed to the most backward. Today our focus will be on Germany in particular. As the undisputed hub of the European economy, the nation has decided to adopt additional […]

Smart buildings

New frontiers for the coming years As you well know, smart buildings have become a must have to define a nation at the forefront and attentive to the needs of the citizen. More and more attention is being paid to sustainability, in economic, social and environmental terms. We opt for more modern and technological choices […]

Auckland : cheaper renovations

Latest news According to the latest reports, New Zealanders in Auckland are opting for cheaper renovations. Yes, they are. In one of the lands where evolution is the watchword, it seems that the population is not very keen on structural changes and improvements. Why is that? The numbers speak for themselves, but we have decided […]

Real estate and crowdfunding

The latest news Can real estate and crowdfunding be tied together? The answer is more positive! In fact, our mini guide today will be based on the relationship between real estate and crowdfinding. We will then start with a detailed analysis of the concept of cowdfunding and see how it can be applied in real […]

Tunisian market slowing down

Latest news Tunisia is a truly magical land, but the Tunisian market is slowing down . This sunny land, with a deep tradition that fascinates all tourists, is experiencing a stalemate, exactly since 2019. But what is the reason for this problem ? Despite the boom in tourism in recent years, there are few investors. […]

Real estate and university

Where to invest You know, real estate is constantly evolving. Social and political changes, such as Brexit, have influenced and still influence the real estate market. In a different way, of course. The market, therefore, alters and changes the habits and inclinations of the various subjects, potentially interested in buying a property. The target that […]

Real estate and trends

Watch out for changes! Real estate is evolving, and with it are created real estate trends fundamental. Determinants in the moment when you have to face a new investment. Currently, despite the world real estate, seems to mark some excellent elements in some areas, which allow a not inconsiderable guarantee in terms of potential investments, […]

Historical lows in Hong Kong

Rents don’t go Asia is going through a really tragic period. Because of the coronavirus, so much so that, in Hong Kong, real estate has reached an all-time low. Unfortunately (for the sellers) and fortunately, for the potentially interested parties, the rental market in Hong Kong seems to be experiencing a full crisis. The worst […]

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