Prefabricated steel house

Why choose it Technological advances have certainly influenced real estate, so much so that today we can choose alternatives such as a prefabricated house made of wood, steel, etc., but will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? But will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? As in everything, there […]

Ecological restructuring

The new lines In recent years, ecological restructuring has become almost a must-have for those who decide to renovate their homes in a sustainable manner. As well as giving your home a new look and extra comfort, ecological renovation also protects the environment. And that’s not all! There are a number of measures that can […]

Crazy for Japan

The search that’s taking off Although the pandemic has destabilised the entire globe, the desire to buy a house in Japan is still felt by many investors. The latest market research we have conducted leaves no doubt. Investors are crazy for Japan! The search for a house in Japan is one of the most popular […]

Canadian housing market update

Prices are still rising The global housing market is constantly evolving. Not least in Canada. Which is why, in today’s column, we have decided to talk extensively about the real estate of this very special nation. If you’re about to find out how the Canadian brick market is currently moving. And more importantly, why prices […]

Best and worst cities in the world post pandemic

What are the best and worst cities in the world after the pandemic? It is really difficult to find an answer to this question. The pandemic is known to have put a strain on each of us. Our habits have changed radically, having to deal with a totally new reality. Many have had to abandon […]

Alicante and Malaga: here’s why to move here

Spain is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Rich in history, wonderful and varied landscapes, it arouses every year a great interest among young people but also among adults. Whether the intention is to move there temporarily for a vacation or permanently, it matters little. At this moment, two Spanish realities […]

Modern walls

Alternative solutions Fashion comes and goes, even in the home deco industry. What yesterday were considered modern walls, today are demodé. Painting the walls can be the first step in remodeling your home. Or simply to give a breath of fresh air to our home environment. But as always, we at Realigro want to help […]

Exchange Rates

Why track them? Nowadays, market fluctuations are often difficult to predict. In a period of profound uncertainty such as the one we are currently experiencing, it is fundamental for every sector to be able to anticipate what the forecasts of the international financial market will be. This is because any business must deal with economic […]

Real estate of the future

New trends Talking about what the real estate of the future will look like is always a discussion. This is because, as we know, the real estate market is particularly variable. Moreover, as real estate is linked to several sectors, it is always difficult to understand which of them will influence it the most. In […]

An unconstitutional real estate

The Berlin case Berlin is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most extravagant realities. In fact, it is not immune to novelties, especially in the real estate sector, which have provoked discussion. In the last year, due to the critical situation caused by the Covid emergency, the local government has taken a number of steps to try […]

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