Tricks to make your home retro

For those who love vintage We often wonder what are the tricks to make your home retro, so that it can evoke the past, with elegance, style but especially taking care of every detail.There are those who love modernity, and those who can not get away from the love for vintage. And for this reason, […]

Unique and luxury homes for sale

Luxury and unique homes as you have never seen Are you looking for unique and luxury homes for sale ? Before we take a look at luxury homes you will want to buy, lets learn a bit about what makes these homes luxurious and unique. There are a few different features that will turn heads […]

Unique Homes In The World

You Might Fall In Love With these unique homes Are you looking for some unique homes in the world ? Did you know that many people compare house hunting to dating? Essentially, you are trying to find the right fit with your partner, just like you are with your home. But…what a coincidence! So,you want […]

Tips & advice for real estate investments:

Any advice for your real estate investments in the world Do you need some tips and advice for your real estate investments ? We know that It would often be helpful to have tips and advice so as not to make a mistake in the real estate market . Investing in real estate is never […]

A fabulous life in the luxurious Seton Castle

The luxurious Seton Castle for sale in Scotland! Let’s start a fabulous life ! How many of you have never dreamed of living in a luxurious castle? Admit it. Even for a moment you have dreamt of a fairytale life in a royal castle, surrounded by all kinds of luxury. Well, the castle of your […]

How to create a workspace at home ?

Here’s how to create your home office ! With the advent of the digital age, new professional figures were born who often work in their own homes, telematically . It is not always easy to create a work corner, an office in the home. You can in fact find many difficulties. The lack of comfort, […]

The beauty of Brazil

5 wonderful houses that will make you fall in love How can we not fall in love with the beauty of Brazil? The country of joy, of the most famous carnival in the world, of colours, of engaging music. Yes, today we decided to make a full immersion in the beauty of Brazil. This reality […]

Investing in the Spanish real estate

Tips for not being wrong ! Investing in the real estate market has become almost a fashion. But it is also true that, lately, in Europe, it is always cheaper to buy a property. The crisis has forced many owners to lower the price of real estate. But also because of the Millennials. The Millennials, […]

The most beautiful houses in the world

5 realities that will leave you speechless! Home sweet home. How true is this statement? You know, nowhere is comparable to your home environment. The place where you feel protected, safe and at peace with yourself. Each of us, realizes or buys a property according to their needs, personal tastes and economic availability. But there […]

Ecological house? The elements that cannot be missing!

How to make your home green in simple steps Nowadays there is a lot of talk about the so-called ”green lifestyle”. That is, living in perfect harmony with nature, respecting the environment and avoiding that daily actions can affect the balance of our planet in a harmful way. We know, however, that even the excessive […]

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