Prefabricated cabin

The smart working alternative Can a prefabricated cabin really be a breakthrough for smart working? You’ll find the answer in this mini-guide! Today we’ll show you how design, technology and sustainability can create something truly unique. During the pandemic emergency, many workers had to adapt. They left their offices and organised their workspace at home. […]

A new Detroit

Rents that add value We have decided to give the title of our column “A new Detroit “. We have done this in order to emphasise how, even through the rental market, a neighbourhood devoid of life can be modernised. So, we already know that these few lines have intrigued you, so you already know […]

Liveable sculpture

The German novelty There are those realities that never cease to surprise us. Often the subject of our columns, Germany has once again been given an important place in our blog. That’s why we’ve created a new column on how this country is the cradle of the world’s first liveable sculpture. In the following lines, […]

A swimming pool between two buildings

The London oddity Who would have thought that it would be possible to have a swimming pool between two buildings? No, it’s not 3000, it’s 2021. One of the most difficult periods in the history of mankind. But it is also a time when great innovations and inventions are emerging. In previous columns, we have […]

Dream house

But with four containers Dream house. A vast subject. And above all, extremely subjective. Some people wanted to build their dream house in a tree as a child. Others in a castle. Others want to be completely surrounded by wild nature. You know, a child’s imagination knows no bounds. But so do our super binoculars […]

Prefabricated shelter

To escape from reality Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a prefabricated shelter? How nice it would be to be able to detach yourself from the surrounding world for a while and be in direct contact with nature? Well, we at Realigro have asked ourselves this question and have […]

Home on Mars

The new frontier of real estate Building a home on Mars may seem crazy. Maybe it was, a few years ago. But what if we told you that it is being prepared for? We can already imagine your stunned faces. And we can also understand why. But in these times of galloping technology, anything is […]

Living on an island

Home in Tasmania Living on an island is the dream of many. But it’s not always possible. But it is possible to live on an island in Tasmania. In a small house. With all the amenities you need. So, if you’re looking for a change of life in the new year, know that it is […]

A multicoloured renovation

The farm in France When we talk about renovation, we certainly do not think of multicolour as the first adjective to be assigned to the new house. On the contrary, the fashions of the moment, are going to meet more and more natural colours. That can clearly embrace both Zen philosophy and recall nature. Especially […]

A house in a container

The absurdities of real estate Have you ever thought that you could build a house in a container ? What if we told you that it would actually be possible? Don’t turn your nose up at it! We are not talking about a house without comfort. On the contrary. Quite the opposite! If you are […]

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