Villa in Belgium

Don’t miss it! In our column we often make known which are the most beautiful villas on the world real estate market. Well, today, although the world climate is still quite tense, we decided not to stop, and to continue to point out the most beautiful places and the best facilities in which to invest […]

Beverly Hills Villa

Wonderful occasion! Who among you does not know the wonderful and charming city of Beverly Hills? Its very boundaries are considered a very attractive municipality for many tourists and visitors. Named after the famous TV series, it is also known to be home to many celebrities. An exclusive center for fashion and natural beauty, it […]

Riad for sale in Morocco

A unique opportunity Have you ever thought about buying a riad for sale in Morocco? If you want to live in a wonderful country, in close contact with tradition, a riad is for you? But how are riads structured ? How much does it cost to buy a riad in Morocco ? And again, what […]

Minimalist house

Buy or rent ? Having a minimalist house is still a trend in vogue. There is nothing more beautiful than creating a dimension that fits our needs, without too many additional elements. It is often easy to come across minimalist houses, but with an absent design. Today we want to talk to you about the […]

Villa in Greece

Wonderful villa in Greece Have you ever wanted to buy a wonderful villa in Greece? If this is your dream, know that you could finally realize it easily! After talking about how to build a house in full island style, we thought we should present you a jewel that fully reflects the idea of a […]

Villa in Albania

Wonderful villa for sale Albania is one of the most special lands in the world. It has only been considered as a potential place to reallocate to in recent years.Indeed, some previously forgotten areas have been re-evaluated. To the point of attracting numerous potential investors. The very low cost of living compared to the European […]

Sustainable prefabricated houses

When sustainability is the key to everything We have often talked about sustainable houses, but not about prefabricated houses . The year 2020 has opened up completely to sustainable technology, thanks in part to the climate issue supported and highlighted by the little Swede Greta Thunberg . And a positive response to this stimulus has […]

Villa in Brazil

Wonderful villa for sale Living in a wonderful villa in Brazil is the dream of many. It could be the way to realize this desire ! Today, we at Realigro , we decided to create a small column dedicated to this jewel of the real estate market. If you too have this dream in the […]

Wonderful property in Cannes

Luxury real estate for sale in Cannes The dream of many investors is to find a wonderful property in Cannes. A wonderful location in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Famous for being the place where the famous film festival is held, Cannes is the third largest city in the department by population (after Nice and Antibes). […]

3D Quarter

The first houses Did you ever think you could print an entire neighborhood in 3D Quarter ? Well, this thought, so complex in appearance, has become reality! In fact, a real neighborhood has been created in Mexico. Thanks to the Vulcan II printer, several houses have already been built in less than 24 hours! Passive […]

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