Real estate and cinema

Inspired by film sets Real estate and cinema are not two totally different worlds. On the contrary. Many have often wished to replicate the most famous movie sets in their home environment, whether they are 50s homes or more modern facilities, the result does not change. Many people’s dream is to make their home truly […]

Rent house quickly

Our advice It’s not always easy to rent a house quickly, because a property often remains in the market for too long. In the worst case, it becomes obsolete and not in line with the trends of the moment. How can this problem be overcome? If you want to rent your house quickly, without wasting […]

Perfect home

How to organize your home It is not easy to have a perfect home, especially in terms of organisation. In fact, we are often victims of fashions and, in order to be able to chase them, we lose our sense of order and style. For this reason, it is right to have guidelines to follow […]

Renovate home easily

From the countryside to the city It is not always possible to move from the countryside to the city , and we have to research to renovate home easily . Often, in fact, you have to adapt and wait, but it happens that you have to live in a house that, underneath, we do not […]

Bathing nations?

Taxes Bathing nations? What do you prefer? There are those who prefer a house by the sea and those who just can not give up the comforts of the great metropolis. In short, as they say, “de gustibus”. But what if there was a further distinction that could be made between living in the city […]

Extravagant furnishing ideas

New furnishing ideas Which of you would like to discover some extravagant furnishing ideas? Today’s mini guide, this is how we inaugurate it! In the name of the most extreme change for your home. We have often dealt with topics related to home deco. Both in terms of style, but also in terms of innovative […]

New design trends for 2020

New trends for 2020 We are in the last month of this past 2010, and we wonder what the new trends for 2020 will be. Well, we at Realigro have found all the information needed to make your home fashionable, according to the news of 2020! Furniture, furnishings, textures and colors … which will be […]

Investing in coworking: why is it worthwhile?

Why invest in coworking Investing in coworking: why is it worthwhile? That’s the question we’re going to try to answer today. What are the best coworking solutions in real estate? And above all, is it really worthwhile to invest in it? We have carried out numerous surveys on the subject and we can finally give […]

Divide the house into two units

How to divide the house into two units Divide the house into two units could be a good solution. In fact, potential investors may be looking for a smaller than usual property. The reasons are among the most disparate. But the need to divide the house into two units starts mainly from the lack of […]

Heating your home while saving money

How to heat your home while saving money What if we told you that you can heat your own home while saving money? This is not a joke, but it is what we are going to talk about today in our mini guide. Oriented on smart saving! The summer is now over, and heating your […]

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