Prefabricated cabin

The smart working alternative Can a prefabricated cabin really be a breakthrough for smart working? You’ll find the answer in this mini-guide! Today we’ll show you how design, technology and sustainability can create something truly unique. During the pandemic emergency, many workers had to adapt. They left their offices and organised their workspace at home. […]

Free Life Change

Places in the world We have often talked about how, in order to repopulate certain areas, some areas apply initiatives to attract new inhabitants. Like the famous ‘1 euro houses’, in today’s column we will show you destinations that, in order to increase repopulation, fully finance new inhabitants. So, are you curious to know more? […]

Prefabs and false myths

Let’s clarify! Prefabs are becoming more and more popular in real estate, but false myths abound! Perhaps because many people still don’t believe in the potential of these structures. Or simply because of misinformation. In short, today we at Realigro want to clarify! Giving you all the information on what it means to choose a […]

Autumn 2021

new colours Before the end of summer, it is always a good idea to take a look at what needs to be changed in the home. In fact, we at Realigro have decided in this column to look a little further afield. We would like to tell you what the colour trends will be in […]

A new Detroit

Rents that add value We have decided to give the title of our column “A new Detroit “. We have done this in order to emphasise how, even through the rental market, a neighbourhood devoid of life can be modernised. So, we already know that these few lines have intrigued you, so you already know […]

Entrance door

The best alternatives Did you know that home improvement can start with the entrance door? Although it may seem superfluous, it’s actually a starting point that can make all the difference. Curious, are you? Then if you want to know more, there is only one solution. Keep reading this column, created by Realigro of course! […]

Refresh your home

Summer rules The scorching heat during the summer puts a strain on holidaymakers and those who decide to stay in their homes. Regardless of where you live, summer is generally the hottest season. This is why people try to keep their homes as cool as possible during this period. But what if we told you […]

Plants and real estate

The benefits We have often spoken in our columns about how plants and real estate are two extremely connected worlds. At a time like the present, it is of primary importance not to lose contact with nature. Especially after spending months and months indoors. In today’s column we will try to understand why plants are […]

Retro bathroom

Our tips Fashion is inexorable, and with it new trends. But not everyone likes what’s new. Many people are trying to recreate a more retro ambience in their own homes. One of the most frequent mistakes is not to consider all the rooms in the house. When you decide to do this operation. Like the […]

Horoscope and home deco

How to furnish according to the stars The horoscope has always fascinated and continues to fascinate many people. In fact, many people fully reflect themselves in their sign of the zodiac, while others do not pay attention to it. What if we told you that, according to experts in the sector, there may be a […]

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