Slovenia and real estate

How to protect yourself from Covid Slovenia and its real estate could learn a lot from the current pandemic situation. This is what real estate experts and economists think. How can such a tragic experience turn into a springboard for the economy and the real estate sector? To find out, we decided to analyse the […]

Villa in Czech Republic

Wonderful villa for sale It would be great to live in a beautiful villa , maybe in the Czech Republic. If you want to live daily surrounded by greenery and typical luxury that only a villa can offer you, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to talk about how it is […]

House in Spain during the Covid

How to buy it ? The Coronavirus has greatly altered our habits and buying a house in Spain during the Covid could be complicated. But it is not! If you are interested in Spanish real estate and do not really want to waste time, the solution is before your eyes. With some simple tips you […]

Villa in Turkey

Wonderful villa for sale Living in a wonderful villa in Turkey, is the dream of many … that can become reality today! Yes, it can! We at Realigro have managed to find a wonderful villa for sale in Turkey that will make you fall in love instantly. What you will do at the end of […]

Real estate in San Francisco

When the salary is not enough What does real estate in San Francisco have in common with the salary of a computer scientist working in Silicon Valley? The amount needed to purchase real estate. In fact, to be able to sign a lease. As absurd as it sounds, in San Francisco, rental prices have risen […]

Villa in Austria

Villa for sale Have you ever thought about looking for a villa in Austria to move to? Maybe with your family, or simply to invest in an alternative real estate. Well, today we will allow you to do so, in the simplest possible way. We will give you all the information you need to take […]

Free time for home deco

The tips Finding free time for yourself is not easy, let alone home deco. But, despite everything, you can combine the two to optimize time and resources. In fact, did you know that dedicating time to taking care of your home guarantees a not indifferent psychological well-being? Taking care of your home is like taking […]

Smart home in Luxembourg

The project Smart home in Luxembourg : this is the new project in the pipeline. The concept of Smart city, as seen in the latest news we reported, is now expanding all over the world. There are few big realities in which cities have not yet converted to being smart. Today, in the wake of […]

Home and wellness

The latest trends In a time of extreme crisis, the home has become our environment par excellence. But what are the needs expressed by most of us? How can we make our home our true natural habitat? If you too are in the throes of wanting to upset the interior of your home, all you […]

Brick and Covid prices

The changes The doubt about future brick prices in relation to the Covid situation is gripping many people. Many investors are doubtful about the evolution of real estate. Similarly, there are many owners who want to sell their homes without devaluing them. The risk of the property being devalued is, in fact, extremely high. Especially […]

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