The best place? Bulgaria!

Living in Bulgaria in 2020 What will be the best place in the Balkans to live in 2020? Bulgaria! Yes, Bulgaria has achieved this record which has made us curious. So much so that we have decided to devote our column today to this very subject. Is it worth investing in Bulgarian brick? If you […]

Technological real estate in Florida

Technology and real estate In Florida, in recent years, there has been sustained growth in terms of demographics. This increase seems to have brought numerous advantages in terms of technological real estate as well. But that’s not all. In this heading today, we will try to understand the extent of this boom, but above all, […]

Villa in Brazil

Wonderful villa for sale Living in a wonderful villa in Brazil is the dream of many. It could be the way to realize this desire ! Today, we at Realigro , we decided to create a small column dedicated to this jewel of the real estate market. If you too have this dream in the […]

Home floors

5 economic solutions New Year , new life , also for the home floors ! That’s why we have decided to edit, today, a column focused on which type of floors to choose to improve the look of the house. Without spending a fortune! It doesn’t seem so, but totally changing the floors of the […]

A bit of color in Moscow

An innovative real estate Defeating greyness with a bit of color in Moscow is not a simple mission. In fact, we are talking about an extremely ambitious objective. But not impossible. World real estate often gives us unusual news, but it makes us understand how it is possible to completely modernise an area. How? Simply […]

Wonderful property in Cannes

Luxury real estate for sale in Cannes The dream of many investors is to find a wonderful property in Cannes. A wonderful location in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Famous for being the place where the famous film festival is held, Cannes is the third largest city in the department by population (after Nice and Antibes). […]

Bathing nations?

Taxes Bathing nations? What do you prefer? There are those who prefer a house by the sea and those who just can not give up the comforts of the great metropolis. In short, as they say, “de gustibus”. But what if there was a further distinction that could be made between living in the city […]

Rentals in the metropolis

Up or down? According to the main statistical data, in the last quarter of 2019, rentals in the metropolis rose sharply. This trend has not only affected Europe, but also other continents where real estate seems to be one of the driving sectors of the entire economy. But this situation has not affected all major […]

Extravagant furnishing ideas

New furnishing ideas Which of you would like to discover some extravagant furnishing ideas? Today’s mini guide, this is how we inaugurate it! In the name of the most extreme change for your home. We have often dealt with topics related to home deco. Both in terms of style, but also in terms of innovative […]

Villa in Spain

Villa for sale Finding a villa for sale in Spain is the dream of many . Especially in this period, where the cold is felt, and what you want most is a sunny place. And why not realize this dream in style ? Here for you then, a very valid solution to be able to […]

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