Business in New York

Where to invest in the Big Apple

Living and doing business in New York is the perspective of many emerging entrepreneurs and investors. But also now well established in the market. And yet, despite the fact that the New York reality is so attractive, it is right to be able to understand where and how best to invest in real estate.

Today, in fact, after gathering a lot of information about the real estate market in New York, we have drawn up a mini guide. All oriented to make it easier to evaluate the places, to understand which are the most convenient and adherent to your needs. For this reason, we just have to inaugurate our column!
Let’s get started!

Business in New York

The fall in prices

Before we understand which areas to invest in, we need to focus a little on price trends in the Big Apple. The continuous drop in prices has allowed many to do good business in New York. The value of real estate has been eroded in both the luxury segment and the more standardized segment.
Respectively, in the former case, there has been a real blockage of purchases. In fact, many apartments have been unsold for months. This caused considerable concern for the owners. Others, however, were the implications for the non-luxury market. The only flaw that has often held back potential investors has been the very high condominium expenses to be incurred.

But the good thing about it, however, that it is possible to do good business in New York, is that it is possible to invest today in a property that will also be of high value in the future.

The areas

But what are the best places to do business in New York? According to the major statistical institutes and experts in the field, the best townhouses (as value for money) are located at :

  • Manhattan
  • Upper East Side
  • Harlem
  • Brooklyn In these realities, in fact, the price of real estate has fallen significantly, given that, in recent years, sales have fallen by 45 %.
    Therefore, being critical areas because of lack of investors, they are currently essential for those who want to invest and do business in the real estate market in New York.
    The large units, paradoxically, are even discounted more than the small ones. An emblematic phenomenon that makes us understand how high is the need to conclude contracts of sale in the short term.

The alternative

The alternative for those who want to do business in New York without buying property in these areas, is to move to fast-growing neighborhoods. Let’s talk about :

  • Williamsburg
  • Fort Greene
  • Clinton Hill
  • Morningside Heights

So what are you waiting for? If you want to become the owner of a respectable property in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this is the right time ! The value of a New York home never loses in time. Rather it gets better!

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