Rentals in the metropolis

Up or down?

According to the main statistical data, in the last quarter of 2019, rentals in the metropolis rose sharply. This trend has not only affected Europe, but also other continents where real estate seems to be one of the driving sectors of the entire economy. But this situation has not affected all major cities. In fact, the necessary exceptions have been reported, which, even in these cases, are never lacking!

Are you curious to find out more ? Would you like to sign a lease in one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Would you like to do so? Do you want to discover the rentals in the metropolis ? To answer these questions, we have decided to create a mini guide. In the following lines, we will give you all the information you need to take this step, or simply to satisfy your curiosity.
So, if you are ready, we can get started!

Rentals in the metropolis

London , Amsterdam and Munich

In one of our previous guides, we analyzed how both London and Amsterdam were ranked among the most beautiful cities in the world to live in. And on this we all agree! London’s elegance and Amsterdam’s artistry are undeniable !
But let’s see together to understand what the movement is in monetary terms, in terms of the prices foreseen in the rental contracts.
Well, London, Amsterdam and Munich are the cities with the highest rental contract prices in Europe.

And it seems that this trend will continue over time. The high demand from young people (above all) has not prevented the incessant increase in prices. On the contrary! The lack of housing remains a major factor in this issue. Less availability automatically means higher prices, in order to keep a market alive. We are also talking (as far as London in particular is concerned) about cities that represent the beating heart of the international economy. So, no wonder!

Madrid and Barcelona : the cheapest

As we have already mentioned in a previous column, the two main Spanish cities are also the cheapest. Economicality is a matter both of leases and of buying and selling contracts.
The report for the last quarter, however, shows that, here too, there has been a slight increase. But not so substantial as to compare Madrid and Barcelona to the cities mentioned above. What is the maximum ceiling that will be reached? We cannot give a definite answer at the moment, given that the market is based on the matching of supply and demand. Without fully knowing both the size and type of supply and demand, the solution to this question is increasingly unclear.

Rental numbers in metropolises

Let us now, in conclusion, see the prices relating to leases:

Amsterdam : 627 euros (+7%)
London : 697 euros (+4%)
Monaco : 688 euros ( +4.3%)
Madrid : 543 euros (+ 8 %)
Barcelona : 500 euros (+ 8%)

And you, where did you decide to sign your lease ?

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