Young people and pensioners

Two generations in real estate Young people and pensioners are usually the most extreme and sensitive categories when analyzing the market. With diametrically opposed needs or similar, they represent the two extremes. Even in the real estate market, one cannot fail to refer to this very marked distinction. Different needs, opposite behaviours and different timescales. […]

Small rooms

Great ideas Similarly to the previous guide, today we will analyse how to improve the small rooms and make the most of them. At a time when the spaces of the house are particularly lived in, it is appropriate to adapt them to our needs. Without forgetting the design! Today, we will try to understand […]

Organize a small bathroom

The winning tips Organize a small bathroom in the best possible way could be a necessity for many. There are several apartments where there is not much space for the bathroom. Therefore, it is complex to make the most of it. But we at Realigro, we have decided to dedicate our mini guide today to […]

Make the most of the rooms

Our advice In our homes, it is not always possible to make the most of the rooms . Often we create spaces that are totally contrasting with each other, without a well-defined style. In the long run, not having a clear idea of how you prefer an environment could be problematic. Especially when you have […]

Spain like Germany

Rent and suspended payments Spain like Germany seems to have adopted the same policy to protect real estate. Just in the last column, we addressed this issue. In order to overcome the problem of the coronavirus, there are two months of moratorium in Spain, which can be extended, and possible compensation for owners. But let […]

Organization vs chaos

Solutions for the most messy There are those who love organization and those who live a continuous struggle vs chaos. Two diametrically opposed poles that represent our personality. In the long run, however, especially in situations such as the present one, which lead us to live as much as possible in the domestic environment, it […]

Germany and rents

The new protections Germany and rents ! As we know, the Coronavirus is creating significant problems in all the nations of the world. From the most developed to the most backward. Today our focus will be on Germany in particular. As the undisputed hub of the European economy, the nation has decided to adopt additional […]

Renting or buying a property?

Pros and cons Often the dilemma of many people facing real estate is the choice between renting or buying a property. Will Consa agree ? – one wonders. A very broad discourse, which goes well beyond the simple age. Which we know tends to lead the young person to opt for rent and the father […]

Psyche and design

How to make your home welcoming Psyche and design ! In these difficult times, the so-called lock-down has been adopted in many countries, imposing a ban on leaving the home, except in cases of extreme necessity. So, of course, it is difficult to change one’s habits. Not everyone, in fact, has the possibility to have […]

Mango yellow for your home

An innovative colour Sometimes fashions come back, like mango yellow to color for your home . A must have of 2019, it seems not want to leave the home deco scene again this year. An all-tropical color, which gives a bit of liveliness to your home. But how can you make the most of such […]

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