Real estate and science

The perfect color ! You may not know it, but there is a perfect link between real estate and science. Especially between psychology and real estate. We often wonder what color to choose for our home. And although the choices are among the most varied, we all want to have that climate of total peace […]

Travel and home deco

Solutions for your home Traveling is a passion that unites many people of all ages. The desire to immerse themselves in new places, to explore new cultures and, above all, to take part of that journey with them, are just some of the typical characteristics of travellers. Sometimes, however, after countless journeys, you feel the […]

Villa in Greece

Wonderful villa in Greece Have you ever wanted to buy a wonderful villa in Greece? If this is your dream, know that you could finally realize it easily! After talking about how to build a house in full island style, we thought we should present you a jewel that fully reflects the idea of a […]

Incentives to invest

Top U.S. Cities There are not always incentives to invest in real estate. In fact, one problem that often plagues investors is the lack of incentives to invest in real estate. But we have found the presence of a not inconsiderable convenience, in being able to approach the American real estate, enjoying special benefits. For […]

Common problems in the living room

How to solve them The living room is one of the areas of the house where we spend most of our time , but there are common problems in the living room too . It is estimated that, on average, 60% of the day is spent right here. The room where you relax, the heart […]

Renting in Florida is convenient

The fortune of the tenants According to the latest research on the real estate market, it seems that renting it in Florida is very convenient ! Who among us has never wanted to spend a vacation in one of the most beautiful places in Florida? Miami , Orlando , Tampa , Jacksonville … are just […]

Business in New York

Where to invest in the Big Apple Living and doing business in New York is the perspective of many emerging entrepreneurs and investors. But also now well established in the market. And yet, despite the fact that the New York reality is so attractive, it is right to be able to understand where and how […]

Real estate and cinema

Inspired by film sets Real estate and cinema are not two totally different worlds. On the contrary. Many have often wished to replicate the most famous movie sets in their home environment, whether they are 50s homes or more modern facilities, the result does not change. Many people’s dream is to make their home truly […]

Villa in Albania

Wonderful villa for sale Albania is one of the most special lands in the world. It has only been considered as a potential place to reallocate to in recent years.Indeed, some previously forgotten areas have been re-evaluated. To the point of attracting numerous potential investors. The very low cost of living compared to the European […]

Property growth in the USA

What’s new for 2020 Property growth in the USA! With this news we inaugurate our column, which today will analyze this phenomenon. As we have often anticipated, it seems that many people have abandoned the “convenience” of lease contracts, to go instead to buy and sell contracts. This is a difficult choice, especially if the […]

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