Plants and real estate

The benefits

We have often spoken in our columns about how plants and real estate are two extremely connected worlds. At a time like the present, it is of primary importance not to lose contact with nature. Especially after spending months and months indoors. In today’s column we will try to understand why plants are so closely linked to this world. And above all what the benefits can be when we devote ourselves to our green friends.
So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!

Plants and real estate : stress management

Having plants in the house to take care of them is perfect for stress management. Scientific studies show that this also helps improve memory and concentration.

In addition, anxiety levels are also reduced. Simply caring for plants in the home has great psychological and physical benefits.
This supports another thesis. That our home is nothing more than a projection of our mind. Therefore, the balance we find around us generates well-being in our minds.

Against depression

Anyone who enjoys alternative activities knows how important it is to have one. It is a way of breaking away from the daily routine and dedicating oneself to oneself. Even gardening can be considered an escape activity to generate mental calm. But also relieve fatigue. Experts have also shown that taking care of plants at home leads to better quality sleep and increased productivity.

Greater responsibility

Even the youngest children can be made more responsible and benefit from plant care. In fact, the idea of giving even the youngest children a commitment can make them have fun while at the same time growing and maturing. Of course, all the conditions described above also apply to them. By staying indoors too, it will be possible to keep them safely entertained and give them extra responsibility!

Plants and real estate

Air quality

Did you know that having plants in the house can improve air quality? Of course, this depends on the type of plants you choose. The most suitable for improving air quality in the home are:

  • Sanseveria : capable of transforming CO2 into oxygen, mainly at night.
  • the areca palm: lowers the concentration of CO2
  • the Ficus Robusta: an excellent fixer of formaldehyde and benzene
  • the Photos: ideal for clearing formaldehyde and other volatile compounds from indoor air.
    Easier maintenance

Which are the most suitable plants to take up this new hobby without great difficulty? We at Realigro recommend starting with succulent plants. Particularly if they are cared for by children. In addition, we suggest choosing small plants that can be easily managed and positioned in the various rooms in your home.
In short, as we always say, ”less is more”.

So are you ready to enjoy the benefits of caring for your plants at home? To find out more about plants and real estate or many other news related to our sector, stay with us!

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