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Fashion is inexorable, and with it new trends. But not everyone likes what’s new. Many people are trying to recreate a more retro ambience in their own homes. One of the most frequent mistakes is not to consider all the rooms in the house. When you decide to do this operation. Like the bathroom, for example.

If you would like to have a retro ambience in your home, you will have to take this into consideration. This is why we at Realigro have decided to create a column based on this very subject. In no time you will be able to reformulate your bathroom in a more retro style. But let’s not get lost in chatter! If you are ready, we can start!

Basic rules

One of the most common mistakes when creating a retro bathroom is to cross the line between nostalgia and kitsch. To avoid a jumble of styles and colours, we recommend thinking in terms of contrasts. If you are a lover of black and white chequered tiles, continue along this line of strong contrast. On the other hand, if the 50s are not your thing, consider a more subdued, non-contrasting colour option. To make your bathroom decidedly more delicate.


Who says you don’t have to pay attention to small details in the bathroom? To ensure a decidedly retro look to your bathroom, it is essential to use the right lights. We’re not talking about the colour of the light, i.e. the temperature. We’re talking about shape. There are plenty of wall lights in various colours that are perfect for making your bathroom more precious and retro. If you want to get inspired, we suggest you take a trip on Pinterest. There you will find lots of ideas to reproduce.

Retro bathroom

The bathtub

Not only white, but also burgundy peach pink or even black! We’re talking about the bathtub! An element that is not taken into consideration nowadays because it has been replaced by comfortable showers. But as we know, the bathtub is undoubtedly one of the most retro elements you can assign to your bathroom! To make the whole thing more harmonious, we recommend placing the bathtub in an area with softer colours if you opt for a bathtub with an effect. On the other hand, if you decide to exploit this furnishing accessory to tone down the excessive surrounding colouring of the environment in which it is inserted. So, you get the idea. A bathtub can really make the difference if you are looking for a retro style! And that’s not all! Even though it’s not a “quick” solution, it’s still one of the most relaxing alternatives to a modern shower!

Whichever era inspires you the most, we advise you not to overdo it and to follow our advice. They will provide you with guidelines to help you avoid mistakes and, above all, to achieve pleasant results.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your bathroom and turn it from super modern to super retro?

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