Free Life Change

Places in the world We have often talked about how, in order to repopulate certain areas, some areas apply initiatives to attract new inhabitants. Like the famous ‘1 euro houses’, in today’s column we will show you destinations that, in order to increase repopulation, fully finance new inhabitants. So, are you curious to know more? […]

Houses for €1

Also in Greece The ” Houses for €1 ” project has become a trend in the global real estate market. For those who are not familiar with this initiative, it consists of putting houses on the real estate market for free as long as the buyer respects certain conditions. Such as the obligation to renovate […]

Sustainable Chicago

The first steps Chicago has also decided to embark on a sustainable path. That’s why we want to tell you about it in our column today. In fact, the city of Chicago has emerged on the international scene thanks to a recent initiative. Involving both real estate and design. So we’ll be talking about the […]


How many are there really? Being homeowners has its advantages. But not always. It depends on many factors. Especially cultural ones. In fact, previous guides have shown that, depending on the culture of the various countries, there is a propensity to buy or rent. The number of new homeowners has tended to increase due to […]

From gym to luxury home

The Dutch novelty Is it possible to switch from a gym to a luxury home? In Holland it seems so! And that’s what we want to talk about today at Realigro. In a brand new mini column. Our focus today is on Amsterdam, the famous city of the Netherlands. Wonderful. With all its particularities. Well, […]

Villa in Croatia

Wonderful villa in Croatia Croatia is without doubt one of the most fascinating nations in the world. Rich in rare vegetation and untouched areas, it is the perfect place to relocate. Buying a villa in Croatia could be the solution for you. You want to take this step but do not have all the necessary […]

Villa in Czech Republic

Wonderful villa for sale It would be great to live in a beautiful villa , maybe in the Czech Republic. If you want to live daily surrounded by greenery and typical luxury that only a villa can offer you, you are in the right place. Today, we are going to talk about how it is […]

Villa in Montenegro

Wonderful villa for sale After becoming a popular destination for many investors, today buying a villa in Montenegro is the dream of many. However, potential buyers do not always know in detail the dynamics of the local real estate market, and tend to be intimidated by the collective imagination. That is why, today, we will […]

Villa for sale in Holland

Confidential negotiation Finding a villa for sale is not so difficult, especially if we are talking about a wonderful country like Holland. A truly unique land, unique and inimitable. The dream of many, is to buy a property in Holland, but why not do it in style? Investing in the Dutch real estate market is […]

Villa in Spain

Villa for sale Finding a villa for sale in Spain is the dream of many . Especially in this period, where the cold is felt, and what you want most is a sunny place. And why not realize this dream in style ? Here for you then, a very valid solution to be able to […]

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