Real estate and science

The perfect color ! You may not know it, but there is a perfect link between real estate and science. Especially between psychology and real estate. We often wonder what color to choose for our home. And although the choices are among the most varied, we all want to have that climate of total peace […]

Travel and home deco

Solutions for your home Traveling is a passion that unites many people of all ages. The desire to immerse themselves in new places, to explore new cultures and, above all, to take part of that journey with them, are just some of the typical characteristics of travellers. Sometimes, however, after countless journeys, you feel the […]

Common problems in the living room

How to solve them The living room is one of the areas of the house where we spend most of our time , but there are common problems in the living room too . It is estimated that, on average, 60% of the day is spent right here. The room where you relax, the heart […]

Mirrors and home deco

How to change your home When it comes to revolutionising the home, mirrors are not always referred to in terms of home deco. Yet, today, we have decided to create a new guide, focusing on this very thing. Making use of mirrors and creating a truly innovative home deco. Whether you are more oriented towards […]

Make the house more welcoming

Our advice Winter is the season in which everyone feels the need to make the house more welcoming. You know, in the coldest months, the house becomes a real refuge, especially if you live in particularly cold areas. For this reason, it is essential that this is really adherent to our needs. But how can […]

Turning the kitchen upside down

The three myths to be debunked for 2020! What if turning the kitchen upside down was the first step to renovate your home? The kitchen is without doubt, one of the most lived-in environments for each of us. The place where you meet with the rest of the family, friends or simply to relax and […]

Home floors

5 economic solutions New Year , new life , also for the home floors ! That’s why we have decided to edit, today, a column focused on which type of floors to choose to improve the look of the house. Without spending a fortune! It doesn’t seem so, but totally changing the floors of the […]

Furnishing the bathroom

New trends for 2020 Finally 2020 has arrived, and with it a lot of novelties also furnishing the bathroom! A room in our house often forgotten, in fact, takes a decisive role when it comes to furniture. And so, if you are curious and can not wait to make a new bathroom for your home, […]

Classic Blue

The colour of 2020 Classic Blue is the watchword for 2020! The end of the year is approaching and we know perfectly well how to inaugurate the new year! After having analyzed in previous sections what will be the trends of the new year, in terms of home deco, today we decided to focus on […]

Sustainable choices at home

Save to invest You can’t always make really sustainable choices at home. In fact, we often overlook how certain choices can radically change our lives. Even on a daily basis. For this reason, we have chosen to create a small guide to help you understand how useful (and convenient) it is to opt for certain […]

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