Autumn 2021

new colours Before the end of summer, it is always a good idea to take a look at what needs to be changed in the home. In fact, we at Realigro have decided in this column to look a little further afield. We would like to tell you what the colour trends will be in […]

Entrance door

The best alternatives Did you know that home improvement can start with the entrance door? Although it may seem superfluous, it’s actually a starting point that can make all the difference. Curious, are you? Then if you want to know more, there is only one solution. Keep reading this column, created by Realigro of course! […]

Horoscope and home deco

How to furnish according to the stars The horoscope has always fascinated and continues to fascinate many people. In fact, many people fully reflect themselves in their sign of the zodiac, while others do not pay attention to it. What if we told you that, according to experts in the sector, there may be a […]

Kitchen without wall units

How to organise it A kitchen without wall units is undoubtedly modern. But it’s not always easy to organise it properly! It is undoubtedly a design choice that visually lightens the room. In addition, all the functions that are expected in the kitchen are maintained. But are we sure that a kitchen without wall cabinets […]

Renovating the bathroom

Our tips Renovating a bathroom may seem like a mammoth task. But in reality it can be really simple and make all the difference. The bathroom is a room that is rarely considered in the process of modernising your home. But did you know that a stylish bathroom can really enhance your home? So if […]

Boho chic home

How to furnish it The boho chic style is always in fashion, even at home. Especially in summer. But how can we make our home fashionable while still using this simple style? Don’t despair if you don’t know where to start! At Realigro, we have decided to create a column on this subject. In a […]

Post-pandemic entry

What should it be like? Organizing a post-pandemic entry is essential to be able to return psychologically to normality. We have often stressed how much our home is a projection of our personality. In terms of tastes, spaces and furnishings. After such a critical period, it is necessary to make a fresh start. Revolutionizing your […]

Outdoor spaces

How to make the most of them Finally, after long periods of closure, the time has come to enjoy the outdoors. The summer season makes us want to spend more time outside the home. For the lucky ones who have an already furnished outdoor space, this column might even seem unnecessary. But it will be […]

Home in summer

How best to manage it One of the issues that comes up most during this period is how to best manage your home in the summer. Although it is a time of year like any other, summer always brings big questions. Whether you live in a typically warm seaside area or in a mountain area […]

Perfume your home

Our tips With the arrival of the new season, there is always a desire for renewal. And perfume your home is one of the many main actions for those who want to give it a new, fresh touch. As you know, there are an infinite number of room diffusers, but they are not always to […]

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