Small rooms

Great ideas Similarly to the previous guide, today we will analyse how to improve the small rooms and make the most of them. At a time when the spaces of the house are particularly lived in, it is appropriate to adapt them to our needs. Without forgetting the design! Today, we will try to understand […]

Organize a small bathroom

The winning tips Organize a small bathroom in the best possible way could be a necessity for many. There are several apartments where there is not much space for the bathroom. Therefore, it is complex to make the most of it. But we at Realigro, we have decided to dedicate our mini guide today to […]

Make the most of the rooms

Our advice In our homes, it is not always possible to make the most of the rooms . Often we create spaces that are totally contrasting with each other, without a well-defined style. In the long run, not having a clear idea of how you prefer an environment could be problematic. Especially when you have […]

Psyche and design

How to make your home welcoming Psyche and design ! In these difficult times, the so-called lock-down has been adopted in many countries, imposing a ban on leaving the home, except in cases of extreme necessity. So, of course, it is difficult to change one’s habits. Not everyone, in fact, has the possibility to have […]

Mango yellow for your home

An innovative colour Sometimes fashions come back, like mango yellow to color for your home . A must have of 2019, it seems not want to leave the home deco scene again this year. An all-tropical color, which gives a bit of liveliness to your home. But how can you make the most of such […]

Country Room

How to make it Country Room ! Everyone in their own bedroom, brings out the style that most distinguishes them. There are those who love the chic style, the more modern, the more ancient. In short, there is an embarrassment of choice! But what if we told you that even the country style can be […]

Renew the kitchen

But without changing the furniture! Spring equinox ,finally, the spring season is here , and we can renew the kitchen ! And with it the desire for renewal! That’s why we decided to dedicate our mini guide to this very theme! But renovation … starting from which room in the house? Well, the room of […]

Tired of wallpaper?

Here’s how to change it! Tired of wallpaper? We have often talked about how you can revolutionize a room even with simple tricks. An example that has been taken up several times in our guides, was that of wallpaper. Very good helper to make our house cooler, however, has a small flaw. If it is […]

Furniture and pets

How to move around Choosing furnishing accessories when living with pets is not easy. In fact, there is a tendency to select furniture that can be resistant to the potential scratches and “attacks” of our pets. What if we were to tell you that it is possible to furnish the house precisely according to our […]

Dream sleeping area

Our advice One often makes the mistake of underestimating the sleeping area. Both in terms of importance, but also in terms of home deco. It is regarded as static and without the possibility of major changes. In reality this is not the case. And just today, we decided to give you a few tips on […]

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