Horoscope and home deco

How to furnish according to the stars

The horoscope has always fascinated and continues to fascinate many people. In fact, many people fully reflect themselves in their sign of the zodiac, while others do not pay attention to it. What if we told you that, according to experts in the sector, there may be a link between horoscope and home deco? Today we at Realigro have decided to create a column to explain how, according to home deco and astrology experts, you can furnish your home according to your inclinations.
If you are fascinated by this topic, you are in the right place! Let’s get started!


Extremely generous and prone to novelties, small details are important to Aries. Yes to candles, cushions and flowers!


Taurus are exactly the opposite. Known for their extreme rationality, they present themselves as stable and secure people. Their space in the home also represents these values. So it will be essential to bring out their familiar side. Natural elements are essential in decorating their homes.


Undoubtedly the most creative and adventurous sign, Gemini loves environments full of colour and different styles. In this case, there is no shortage of furnishing elements to make any room unique. Both in terms of colours and materials.


Cancer people are usually romantic. This is why pastel colours and shabby chic decorative elements are recommended for this sign. These are essential to create the atmosphere that this sign likes so much.


With a very strong character, those born under the sign of Leo love to bring out their strong personality also in terms of furnishing. This is why the decoration of their home is based on more masculine and industrial elements but also on strong colours such as grey, brown and black. An industrial style home is therefore the best!

Horoscope and home deco


Virgo: Methodical and organised. They like to have everything under control, which is why in this case the furniture should be very simple and without too many details. Unless it’s plants or floral elements.


Imaginative like Gemini but love harmony and balance. For this reason it is important to create a strong harmony between different materials and colours so that there is nothing superfluous.


Passionate and very intuitive, Scorpios rely on their instincts. In fact, they love to include details that really make a difference. The risk is to create a jumble of styles and colours because of this need to impress at all costs.


Without doubt one of the most generous and sociable signs. Those born under this sign love comfortable environments but with details that attract a lot of attention, such as strong colours or curious objects.


Known for their clarity of thought, those born under the sign of Capricorn do not like over-the-top luxuries. Instead, they prefer comfort and practicality. They create sober and harmonious environments for their homes.


Genuine free spirits, those born under this sign love spaces full of natural light. So go for bright curtains or even huge windows.


People born under the sign of Pisces are adventurous and love challenges. The ideal for them is to mix different elements and decorative styles that will leave their guests speechless.

And you, follow your own advice in non-decoration based on your zodiac sign ?

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