Prefabricated steel house

Why choose it

Technological advances have certainly influenced real estate, so much so that today we can choose alternatives such as a prefabricated house made of wood, steel, etc., but will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? But will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? As in everything, there are pros and cons.

And what Realigro intends to do today is to give you an overall picture of the potential of these types of housing. In fact, we will talk about why you should choose a prefabricated steel house, highlighting both its features and prices. So, if you are simply curious to know more about this topic, there is only one thing to do. Continue reading the next few lines. If you are ready, we can begin!


When we talk about a prefabricated house, we are obviously referring to a type of housing that guarantees maximum customisation. In fact, a prefabricated house, especially a steel one, can be configured according to your own living needs. This will allow us to obtain our spaces at decidedly more modest prices than those for traditional housing. But that’s not all. It is also possible to achieve surprising results in terms of saving on energy bills if you aim for high standards of energy efficiency.

The properties of steel

So why choose a steel prefabricated house over traditional ones? The answer lies in the characteristics of the raw material itself. Unlike many other materials, steel is strong, flexible and extremely light. It is no coincidence that these houses are also the best possible response to an earthquake. Obviously all this will not affect the architectural appearance of the house. Which, as we said before, you can configure it in any way you wish.

Other advantages

How is a prefabricated steel house built? You will be surprised to learn that the construction system used is extremely fast and precise. Each component is produced in the factory and only the assembly phase takes place on site. The systems used to create a steel prefabricated building are dry. They guarantee very high thermal and acoustic insulation. And therefore great energy savings!

Prefabricated steel house

Home automation

Who says that a prefabricated steel house cannot be controlled? Prefabricated houses in general are a clear example of how technology, combined with the key resources that make natural materials special, can really make great strides. A prefabricated house, as mentioned in the first lines of this column, is synonymous with maximum customisation. This is why installing a home automation system will really be child’s play.

Obviously, the prices in this case start from a minimum of €1,450 per square metre for a house of more than 200 square metres and €1,600 for houses of more than 110 square metres. Although the prices may seem high to you, you should bear in mind that prefabricated houses that also benefit from a home automation system are also those that allow you to cut down on most of your utility costs over time.

And you, would you ever buy a steel prefabricated house?

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