Prefabs and false myths

Let’s clarify!

Prefabs are becoming more and more popular in real estate, but false myths abound! Perhaps because many people still don’t believe in the potential of these structures. Or simply because of misinformation. In short, today we at Realigro want to clarify!

Giving you all the information on what it means to choose a prefabricated building. The risks and advantages of this choice. In short, after this column you will no longer have any doubts! So what are you waiting for? Start reading our mini-column today! Let’s get started!


If we think of prefabs and the false myths about them, the first that comes to mind is the one about the cointainer shape of these types of houses. There is no bigger mistake than this! A prefabricated house is in fact a house to all intents and purposes.

On the contrary, they are often structures that enjoy great comfort and very high levels of energy efficiency. In fact, the reason why many people decide to buy a prefabricated house is precisely because of their extremely low environmental impact, combined with comfort and great aesthetics.

All the same

The second myth that we will dispel in this column is that prefabricated houses are monotonous in terms of style. It is not true that prefabricated houses are all the same. Thanks to the modular construction through which these structures are built, the same modules can be assembled in a variety of ways. This is undoubtedly one of the special features of prefabricated houses. It is the ability to remodel the rooms quickly and easily.

It is therefore not a question of pre-packaged buildings. On the contrary, compared to traditional buildings, prefabricated houses are extremely versatile. In addition, the construction mechanism itself is so advanced that the margin for error is reduced.

Prefabs and false myths

Prefabricated houses cost more

Another myth that needs to be dispelled is the cost. It is generally assumed that a prefabricated house costs much more than a traditional house. In reality, the prices are the same. It all depends on the materials you choose to use. When referring to a prefabricated wooden house, it is the type of wood itself that gives more or less value to the house as a whole. For a masonry structure, the maximum cost is not too far from € 2,000 per square metre. The maximum average price of a prefabricated house is around €1,500 per square metre.

The costs to be added are those related to the assembly and construction of the supporting structure. But there’s more! Prefabricated houses tend to be cheaper than traditional ones because, thanks to their technology, they allow you to save a lot of money on your energy bills. Often it is even possible to achieve costs close to zero when using this type of structure.

So, having dispelled all the false myths about prefabricated houses, are you ready to buy yours?

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