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We have decided to give the title of our column “A new Detroit “. We have done this in order to emphasise how, even through the rental market, a neighbourhood devoid of life can be modernised. So, we already know that these few lines have intrigued you, so you already know what to do. Read on to see how new prefabricated houses for rent have breathed new life into downtown Detroit. So, if you’re ready, we can start our column!

Historical background

Before we get into the heart of our column, we want to give a little more information about the historical background of Detroit. In 2013, after the bankruptcy and the mass exodus from the city, many neighbourhoods were abandoned. The city went from being a major economic centre in the United States to an area in need of redevelopment.

Detroit was particularly famous for its automobile industry, but obviously human capital was in short supply at this time. Hence the initiative we are going to talk about today. A project of entirely prefabricated houses intended for rental purposes. The aim is to breathe new life into these neighbourhoods.

The project

The project has been called Caterpillar. Literally caterpillar. This name was given because the prefabricated houses as a whole have a long, slender shape. It is reminiscent of this animal. The entire structure is 850 square metres in size. It has prefabricated houses forming six flats. And two separate work areas. All surrounded by an urban forest. The entire modular set is 59 m long and 14 m wide, divided into eight units ranging from 70 m square up to a maximum of 120 m square. The project ended in March 2021, despite the problems related to the pandemic emergency.

The design

But what is the design of the new Detroit? Taking one unit at random, we identify a modular steel structure. People assemble them quickly and with great convenience. The project aimed at creating real estate for military use. But the need for maximum redevelopment and a new Detroit prevailed.

A new Detroit
Credits: Prince Concepts

The fact remains that these structures are very simple in terms of assembly but also robust and design. Each unit also has 7 m high ceilings. Each room has natural light and relaxing lines reminiscent of classic ”Jetsons” style rooms. All cabins are also slightly elevated and overlook a fully planted park. The right compromise between innovation, practicality and contact with nature.

In just a few simple steps, it was therefore possible to create a new Detroit through the rental market. As we have also seen in previous columns, modular homes are becoming increasingly popular. Who knows if this trend will continue in the coming years?

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