Casa de Blas a masterpiece inspired by Neruda

A real estate masterpiece

Who among you has never heard of Casa de Blas, the real estate masterpiece inspired by Neruda?
For lovers of the famous poet, Casa de Blas could prove to be an investment in its own right! Are you curious to find out more about it? Well, we just have to start giving you all the necessary information. You will soon understand why Casa de Blas is a real estate masterpiece!

Casa de Blas and the link with Neruda’s poems

The work, (because it is a work in all respects) is located in the town of Sevilla and has two elements.
It is a concrete structure, carved in the mountain. At the same time, however, it has a lighter part. This lightness is not only visual, but also structural. The materials used to guarantee this effect are steel and glass. The latter, given its transparency, seems to be almost absent. Needless to say, the link with the poet is given by the place where this wonder rises. The terrace, in fact, allows you to be completely immersed in a breathtaking view. Just like the one described by Neruda in his poems.

The structure

How is Casa de Blas a masterpiece inspired by Neruda ?
Built in 2000, and after being put on sale in 2015, after three years this masterpiece returns to the market. The price is 640,000 euros.
But what are the characteristics that make Casa Blas a real estate masterpiece?
First of all, the shapes. The house consists of two floors with straight lines that apparently could create too much contrast with the surrounding nature.
In fact, in the upper part, with the large windows, there is the dispersion of this effect. Anyone who enters this house, will have the feeling of being still in an outdoor environment.

The interiors

Inside, the house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large living room, a study library and an open-plan kitchen. The colors used for the furniture are predominantly dark. The choice for the walls is different. Clear and bright, with some artistic touch. There is also no shortage of furniture that echoes the linear forms of the structure itself.
Finally, the materials are always connected to art, to reflect the external brightness and make the spaces even more welcoming.
The living room also merges with the dining room, a functional choice, not to interrupt this sort of continuum between the various rooms of the house.

Could a swimming pool be missing?

To complete this work of art, certainly could not miss a large outdoor pool. Also in this case, the choice to include this environment is given by the need to create a unique with the external environment.

What can I say? Everything you needed to know about this masterpiece is reported in these lines. What if this house was the property of your dreams? Hurry up, because judging by the beauty of the place and the structure itself, probably many will want to become the owners of this wonderful property. Inspired by the master Neruda!

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