Country Room

How to make it Country Room ! Everyone in their own bedroom, brings out the style that most distinguishes them. There are those who love the chic style, the more modern, the more ancient. In short, there is an embarrassment of choice! But what if we told you that even the country style can be […]

Renew the kitchen

But without changing the furniture! Spring equinox ,finally, the spring season is here , and we can renew the kitchen ! And with it the desire for renewal! That’s why we decided to dedicate our mini guide to this very theme! But renovation … starting from which room in the house? Well, the room of […]

Smart buildings

New frontiers for the coming years As you well know, smart buildings have become a must have to define a nation at the forefront and attentive to the needs of the citizen. More and more attention is being paid to sustainability, in economic, social and environmental terms. We opt for more modern and technological choices […]

Tired of wallpaper?

Here’s how to change it! Tired of wallpaper? We have often talked about how you can revolutionize a room even with simple tricks. An example that has been taken up several times in our guides, was that of wallpaper. Very good helper to make our house cooler, however, has a small flaw. If it is […]

Smart working furniture

Our advice The news of the last few weeks speaks volumes. Unfortunately, in every part of the world, the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19 , is creating very serious problems. There is nothing else on national television. And one of the primary solutions to ensure a stable economy and avoid stagnation, is smart working. What […]

Auckland : cheaper renovations

Latest news According to the latest reports, New Zealanders in Auckland are opting for cheaper renovations. Yes, they are. In one of the lands where evolution is the watchword, it seems that the population is not very keen on structural changes and improvements. Why is that? The numbers speak for themselves, but we have decided […]

Furniture and pets

How to move around Choosing furnishing accessories when living with pets is not easy. In fact, there is a tendency to select furniture that can be resistant to the potential scratches and “attacks” of our pets. What if we were to tell you that it is possible to furnish the house precisely according to our […]

Villa in Belgium

Don’t miss it! In our column we often make known which are the most beautiful villas on the world real estate market. Well, today, although the world climate is still quite tense, we decided not to stop, and to continue to point out the most beautiful places and the best facilities in which to invest […]

Minimal style , even in 2020 !

The solutions Minimal style, even in 2020 ! This is how we inaugurate our mini guide, focused today on deco. Minimal style is the desire of many. But not everyone can separate the concept of minimal from that of extreme simplicity. They are not two sides of the same coin. The Minimal in fact has […]

Beverly Hills Villa

Wonderful occasion! Who among you does not know the wonderful and charming city of Beverly Hills? Its very boundaries are considered a very attractive municipality for many tourists and visitors. Named after the famous TV series, it is also known to be home to many celebrities. An exclusive center for fashion and natural beauty, it […]

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