Prefabricated steel house

Why choose it Technological advances have certainly influenced real estate, so much so that today we can choose alternatives such as a prefabricated house made of wood, steel, etc., but will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? But will these types of housing be suitable for our needs? As in everything, there […]

Mistakes to avoid

Furnishing your home in the best possible way! Furnishing a house is not always easy, especially when fashions change rapidly. If you decide not to rely on professionals, there are some mistakes to avoid. In fact, there are mistakes that we all make. When we decide to furnish our homes. That’s why, if you love […]

Liveable sculpture

The German novelty There are those realities that never cease to surprise us. Often the subject of our columns, Germany has once again been given an important place in our blog. That’s why we’ve created a new column on how this country is the cradle of the world’s first liveable sculpture. In the following lines, […]

Ecological restructuring

The new lines In recent years, ecological restructuring has become almost a must-have for those who decide to renovate their homes in a sustainable manner. As well as giving your home a new look and extra comfort, ecological renovation also protects the environment. And that’s not all! There are a number of measures that can […]

Kitchen without wall units

How to organise it A kitchen without wall units is undoubtedly modern. But it’s not always easy to organise it properly! It is undoubtedly a design choice that visually lightens the room. In addition, all the functions that are expected in the kitchen are maintained. But are we sure that a kitchen without wall cabinets […]

Renovating the bathroom

Our tips Renovating a bathroom may seem like a mammoth task. But in reality it can be really simple and make all the difference. The bathroom is a room that is rarely considered in the process of modernising your home. But did you know that a stylish bathroom can really enhance your home? So if […]

Crazy for Japan

The search that’s taking off Although the pandemic has destabilised the entire globe, the desire to buy a house in Japan is still felt by many investors. The latest market research we have conducted leaves no doubt. Investors are crazy for Japan! The search for a house in Japan is one of the most popular […]

Boho chic home

How to furnish it The boho chic style is always in fashion, even at home. Especially in summer. But how can we make our home fashionable while still using this simple style? Don’t despair if you don’t know where to start! At Realigro, we have decided to create a column on this subject. In a […]

Canadian housing market update

Prices are still rising The global housing market is constantly evolving. Not least in Canada. Which is why, in today’s column, we have decided to talk extensively about the real estate of this very special nation. If you’re about to find out how the Canadian brick market is currently moving. And more importantly, why prices […]

Summer control of appliances

how best to manage them Summer is the season when we enjoy our social life the most. At this time of year, especially after such a critical moment as the one we have experienced, we need to go out more. The home, therefore, often takes a back seat. And, in addition, it is mainly appliances […]

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