Wonderful property in Cannes

Luxury real estate for sale in Cannes

The dream of many investors is to find a wonderful property in Cannes. A wonderful location in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. Famous for being the place where the famous film festival is held, Cannes is the third largest city in the department by population (after Nice and Antibes). What if we were to tell you that you too could look into the luxury real estate French Riviera of Cannes ? Well yes, today we will give you all the information you need to buy a wonderful villa completely renovated, right in Cannes ! A property that will leave you ecstatic and that will make you make the investment that will change your life. So, get ready, because our mini guide about this wonderful property in Cannes is about to start !

The location

Before starting to describe this wonderful jewel of French real estate, it is necessary to say a few words about the location where it is located. Remember that in Cannes there are different districts, and our villa is located in Pointe Croisette . With a breathtaking sea view will be the ideal place to relocate!

The structure

Let’s start with a description of the facility. We assume that we are talking about an area of 2300 square meters, on which stands a structure consisting of 18 rooms.
The villa includes :

  • Eight bedrooms with private bathroom
  • 10 additional bedrooms
  • A swimming pool
  • A tennis court
  • A garage for up to eight cars
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High-level materials, which make this villa even more unique and well set in the frame in which it fits. But what we want to describe now is the inimitable style that makes the structure really fantastic.

The style

So let us come to the most characteristic part of our column. Style. Entirely surrounded by greenery, this property fully reflects the luxury real estate of Cannes . The white exterior is ideal to maintain the simple and refined lines that characterize the villa. A continuum of paths connects the various parts of the villa. The wooden parquet flooring near the swimming pool gives the structure a more modern look, without altering the elegant style.
When you enter, you can’t help but be breathless. The villa is extremely bright, thanks to the choice of light colors and large windows, which allow the passage of light at all hours of the day.

Even the furniture takes up the same chromatic style of the walls, with a slightly darker tone. Ideal to detach from the environment but without altering the balance.
The choice of chandeliers is an important element. A luminous waterfall in the main hall guarantees and strengthens the refined style of the villa itself. All this, with a wonderful view of the city, bright even at night.
And the panoramic view is guaranteed even in the less improbable rooms. Just like the bedrooms. The balcony attached to each room, will allow those who will win this jewel of real estate, to have a direct contact with the outside, without missing even a sunset!

The price

The price is to be agreed with the owner. But if you are interested in this unparalleled villa, we recommend you take a look ! Do not miss it !

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