Covid and design

The 5 new trends

The link between Covid and design has made a remarkable change in the way we live our house. We had to adapt to the home, trying to eliminate all the elements of discomfort, turning them into strengths instead. Also for the design world there have been important changes.

On the contrary. We can say that thanks to the pandemic situation, it was possible to give rise to five new trends in interior design. So, if you are ready to discover how Covid and design have “influenced” each other!
So let’s start with our mini guide !

Covid and design : functionality

The link between Covid and design is encapsulated in a single word: functionality. The basic concept is as follows. The style will be replaced by utility. This does not mean that all the basic design rules will have to disappear. But we can violate them in order to ensure greater functionality.
Furniture must have a certain function and achieve a certain purpose. This law applies especially to small houses . In this period, there is a real sorting of the furniture and it’s necessary putting away them . In order to gain more ”living” space.

Neutral colours

We have often advised you to adapt your furniture to the colour of the interior of the house. What if we told you that, now, the situation is totally reversed? With the Covid emergency, it has become clear how useful it is to be “ready” for every change. This means that it is preferable to limit the furnishing to a minimum and focus on neutral wall colours. In this way it will be possible to remodel the interiors more easily at every change of season, without having to fight with the style of the various rooms.

Wallpaper : bye bye

Wallpaper has always been a valuable ally. But at a time like this, when you want to relive that denied freedom to the full, it is imperative to make the most of the materials. Prints of all kinds are to be abolished, and the way is opened to the rediscovery of metals, stone and wood.

Covid and design

Eco and design

And right in the wake of the design of the materials, the next tip is inserted. The one related to sustainability. With the Covid emergency, the need to return to the origins has emerged. The recycling of materials, furniture, but also the coating of furniture that no longer suits our tastes. In short, do-it-yourself is a way forward, always and only from an ecological point of view!

Home Automation

And if we talk about analysing spaces in an ecological and sustainable way, we cannot neglect the importance of home automation. There are numerous projects on the construction site oriented to the realization of smart elements able to improve the performance and services in our homes. Electric fireplaces with plugs to charge devices, wireless chargers, and the like, are currently of fundamental importance to better live your home. It is therefore not surprising how effectively, through such a critical period, the wake adopted, has been that of home automation.

And you, are you ready to revolutionize your home with these 5 tips?

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