Thunderstorms on the horizon? The end of the year is almost here for Romania too. And betting on the real summer of 2020 is never easy. But we can always try, based on the general trend of Romanian real estate in 2019. So, if you have a bit of curiosity and can’t wait to find […]

Cuban Real Estate

Havana is calming down The Cuban real estate is one of the most unique in the world. Due to the long embargo with the United States, which only ended in 2014 with Obama’s decision to end it, Cuba has remained far from modernity for years. But after years of intense unrest, the situation finally seems […]

Mexico stays strong

Latest news That’s very true. Mexico still stays strong. That’s the last piece of news we want to go into today. The objective of our mini guide today is just that: to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a growing market. Also in terms of prices. For this reason, we advise you to pay attention […]

Cayman Islands

The recovery of real estate A small surprise for the world real estate market is the Cayman Islands. Despite the cold and the Christmas peak, lead most investors to dream of typically winter destinations, it is right to have a broader view. And especially not dependent on the winter season. The island market of this […]

The Brexit effects

The effects in real estate  Now that a date has finally been set, what will be the Brexit effects in real estate? After several moments of uncertainty and hypothetical forecasts, which we have already addressed before, we can find concrete answers! For this reason, we have decided to produce an article to dispel any doubts on […]

Millennials 2020 : the contracts

The 2020 contracts How do the Millennials prepare to welcome the 2020? With new contracts! Despite what you might think, the Millennials seem to play an increasingly important role in the real estate world. It is no longer a marginal category. So what are the prospects for 2020 for the Millennials? Today, this is precisely […]

Record year for Asia

Transactions in 2019 2019 was also a record year for Asia. On a commercial level, we know. Asians are always able to overcome even the pylons of international trade with their initiative. But, today, we will talk about how Asia Pacific has managed to reach a real record in real estate transactions. Well, if you […]

Price increase in Puerto Rico

Latest news on the increase in Puerto Rico The real estate market is experiencing a price increase in Puerto Rico. This is how we inaugurate our mini guide today. Analyzing the phenomenon that is affecting the real estate in Puerto Rico.Ma before getting to the heart of this article, we will try to make a […]

Improve home with plywood

How to improve home with plywood Improve home with plywood you can! Yes, today we will deal with home deco, dedicating ourselves to this material. Simple but at the same time functional. With simple gestures you can modernize your home, even in a rather cheap way. So, if you too can’t wait to radically change […]

The best residential areas in Miami

What are the best areas of Miami Have you ever wondered what are the best residential areas in Miami? Where you can buy a property and live surrounded by wellness? Well, if you are also willing to buy a property in Miami, you just have to follow this mini guide. Today we will deal with […]

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