Types of housing in the world : some alternatives

Various types of housing in the world

In the world, there are various cultures that obviously influence the way of life of each of us, including with regard to the types of housing .

Did you know that, in addition to the classic standard structures, there are other types of housing really special?
So if you are looking for an alternative home, or just curious to find out more, you are in the right place.
Today we will talk about the various types of housing that could inspire you for your future investment!

Pile-dwellings , Cambodia, Southeast Asia

The spirit of adaptation in this case is fully represented by these constructions. Pile-dwellings are in fact structures to live above water level, to keep away parasites and dangerous animals. With a slightly tilted tits, the water, extremely present in these areas in the form of rain, slips without causing damage to the home.

Igloo , Canada

From the rain to the freezing zones, it’s a moment! In Canada, precisely in Baffin Island, you can find these traditional houses, used as temporary shelters. Although they are built with compressed snow, they can keep the inhabitants warm, protecting them from the wind with an ‘insulating action.

alternative houses

In the rock , Tunisia

And if Canada has the coldest weather, what will be the hottest alternative? The one of the houses entirely dug into the rock, in Tunisia! With the same principle as the previous ones, these dwellings allow movements within them, without necessarily having to leave during the highest hours.

The “marzipan” cottages : various type

How many of you have never made, or better yet eaten, the classic marzipan houses typical of the Christmas period? What if we told you that in reality, do they really exist? Yes, in the USA there are the so-called ”Gingerbreads”. The cottages that seem to come out of fairy tales.

Victorian and Edwardian houses, California

San Francisco is famous all over the world for its hilly geography, its undisputed beauty but also for its particular houses! Built towards the end of the 19th century, they perfectly evoke the Victorian Age and the Edwardian Age.
Their main characteristic is that they have a very special character, which is why they have been built in the late 19th century. The cylindrical structure, small but extremely functional!

Houseboats , London

If the piles were built with the aim of being above the water, but without contact, the same cannot be said of these homes. A real rarity in the UK. Along Regent’s Canal, the floating houses are ”taking hold”. According to industry experts, having a houseboat could become the new trend. Especially for young Millennials. But also for the elderly, increasingly eager to buy a particular property and adhering to their needs. A characteristic element of these charming homes is given by local law . They can not stay in the same “neighborhood” for more than 14 days.

And you, did you know the existence of these houses?

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