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Who among you has not walked the most luxurious streets of a city, wishing to live there for real? When we talk about investments of this kind, however, we are always afraid to take such a step, given the amount of capital we are talking about. But today, we at Realigro, we want to dedicate a column in order to dispel any doubts about this issue. In fact, we will devote the next few lines to an analysis of the most luxurious streets of three realities of unquestionable beauty. We are talking about New York, London and Hong Kong.
We are ready, if you are ready, we can begin!

Luxury streets in New York

Let’s start with her. The Big Apple. What are the luxurious streets of New York? The absolute best in terms of luxury real estate is undoubtedly 57th Street. Since 2015, 41 transactions have been recorded on this street, with an average price of $40 million. Next is Central Park South, with 32 transactions. Let’s not forget also Park Avenue , with 20 transactions.
Let us now look at the unmistakable style of these luxurious New York streets.
As a pivotal location, it is obvious that the luxury and the search for a unique style can be found on 57th street. Very elegant even in the combination of historic and new buildings, New York never loses its charm. It is ideal for those who want to find a high-end property in the central area of the Big Apple.

Luxury streets in London

How can we not be enraptured by the British elegance of the city of London? With an unmistakable history, everywhere, it evokes its past eras, without neglecting the city’s own desire for growth in all respects. London Grosvenor Square is the street that immediately emerges in the London luxury market. With its 13 transactions it wins the first place in the most British ranking there is!
Finchatton’s Twenty Grosvenor Square has also helped to generate more interest in the city, given the presence of high-end residential properties and exclusive clubs and shops. Ideal for those who want to live in the most refined areas of London.

Luxury streets in Hong Kong

Last but not least, it is the luxury market in Hong Kong. What are the most luxurious streets in this revolutionary city? Open to innovation and always in pole position to reach higher and higher goals in real estate, Hong Kong emerges in the ranking with Mount Nicholson Road. A wonderful road, which has totaled about 35 transactions with an average price of , hear hear . 81 million dollars. A world record, but one that does not seem to have scared the investors concerned. In fact, the transactions have not stopped and, even now, continues to be that of Hong Kong, one of the real estate most desired by investors.

What can I say, after this little guide, you will certainly have no problem in finding the extra luxury property of your dreams!

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