Psyche and design

How to make your home welcoming

Psyche and design ! In these difficult times, the so-called lock-down has been adopted in many countries, imposing a ban on leaving the home, except in cases of extreme necessity. So, of course, it is difficult to change one’s habits. Not everyone, in fact, has the possibility to have large spaces and to have areas (such as the garden) where they can alienate and relax.

Here then comes into play Realigro , to give you more information on how to best manage this quarantine. Staying at home, but without giving up the well-deserved relaxation that each of us needs.
And so, if you too want to make your home a more welcoming and happy place, follow the next points.

Psyche and design

Physical order , mental order

Have you ever heard the saying “physical order, mental order”? This maxim is actually really fundamental, especially at a critical time like the one we are experiencing. Having a tidy house, in fact, allows us to live inside the home, in a more relaxed way and in peace with the surrounding environment. Start the day by completely arranging the house, as if it were normal practice. From beds to wardrobes. Your mood will benefit!

Decluttering , a valuable ally

Do you know what decluttering means? This term refers to a mood that we should all adopt. In practice, it takes the form of the elimination of the superfluous. In fact, there are many objects that we continue to keep at home, partly because we are fond of them, partly because we are convinced that they could be useful to us. And so, the advice we are giving you is precisely to get rid of everything that is useless or that you no longer use. Fads change, and it is right to let your home breathe even starting from the small things.

A colorful touch

At a time like this, if we had to choose a colour that represents us, it would be grey. To overcome this sadness that could affect our daily life, we recommend a little color! Colors have a fundamental psychological impact, both to revolutionize our home, but also to make us feel better. So, eliminate all those colors that do not transmit harmony or positive emotions. Whether it’s the upholstery, accessories, curtains or even the home, the goal is unique: colour! And to find the winning colour combinations, of course you can read our previous guides!

The corner of happiness

Although the home environment may often not be very large, we finally recommend you to create a corner of paradise. A small comfort zone, which can be represented by a chair next to a well-kept window, a reading corner, a carpet with cushions where you can relax. In short, an area away from any source of stress.

Our guide is finished, and you have all the cards in order to make your home really welcoming!

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