Mango yellow for your home

An innovative colour

Sometimes fashions come back, like mango yellow to color for your home . A must have of 2019, it seems not want to leave the home deco scene again this year. An all-tropical color, which gives a bit of liveliness to your home. But how can you make the most of such a strong colour within your home ? Well, this time too, we have the solution for you. In our mini guide, in fact, we will address the topic, trying to give you the right directions to enhance your home with a simple color. Simple yes, but of great impact!
And so, if you are ready and armed with mango paint… we can start!

Mango yellow for your home
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The origins of colour

As always, before starting our mini guide, we want to give you some historical information about the origin of this color. As you know, the mango is a very particular exotic fruit, originating from Burma and India. Although it is an extremely particular color, which over time can also be tiring, as we have anticipated, has not lost the interest of the hosts.


Let’s start in the bedroom. Is it advisable to paint it yellow? The answer is yes! But how? The proposal we want to give you is the following. Choose only one wall to be painted in this colour (we recommend the one behind the bed). Leave the rest in a very light colour, like white. So as not to have too strong an effect. At the same time, your main furniture, starting with the bed, will get a better light. We suggest you to combine yellow and white to create a truly exceptional harmony!

The bathroom

Who said that only the soft colours, deriving from blue or pink, are good for the bathroom? Let’s break that rule today too! For the bathroom, unlike the bedroom, we recommend not so much on the walls. But rather on the tiles. Did you know that this colour conveys in the human psyche the idea of cleanliness and order ? A perfect feeling for your bathroom, which, in addition, will seem even larger !

Combinations : which to choose ?

What could be the winning colour combinations for your home ? With such a strong colour, it’s easy to make a mistake. It could make the environment really unlivable ! So, first of all, we advise you to match two colours (and no more) but not on the same surface !
The best shades to match yellow are as follows:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White

Use these tips to create great matches. Choose pieces of furniture, even of small dimensions, that can stand out at their best on such a loaded base!

So, are you ready to give an exotic touch to your home?

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