3D Quarter

The first houses

Did you ever think you could print an entire neighborhood in 3D Quarter ?
Well, this thought, so complex in appearance, has become reality!
In fact, a real neighborhood has been created in Mexico. Thanks to the Vulcan II printer, several houses have already been built in less than 24 hours! Passive Hauses! But if you are eager to know more, and above all you want to buy a property in Mexico, you are in the right place! In fact, we decided to create a small column based on this topic. Interesting and unusual at the same time. So, if you are ready , we can start our new article , signed Realigro of course !

The project : the 3D quarter

The project was born from a studio of architects, led by Yves Béhar. It is based on the need to create housing in the poorest farming communities in this part of Latin America. All for social purposes. To guarantee a roof for these populations.
This is a real world record. In fact, it is the first neighborhood in the world built entirely through a 3d printer about ten meters long.
The area, specifically, is the rural suburbs of Tabasco.

Future objectives

But this is only the beginning. The aim is to expand the project so that there are housing opportunities for everyone.
Not only in Mexico then, but also beyond the geopolitical borders. A real turning point, both for the real estate world, but also for the social one.

The structure of houses

But what do these houses look like?
The houses built, for the moment, measure about 47 square meters. They are composed of :

  • Two bedrooms
  • A stay
  • A kitchen
  • A bathroom
  • Electrical connections
  • Hydraulic connections
  • External porch

Obviously, it should be pointed out that all these structures have a curved roof. The reason for this choice is simple. The area in which they are located is extremely rainy. For this reason, it is necessary that both the walls and the roof are curved in order to prevent the proliferation of mould and facilitate cleaning.

Prices of the 3D quarter

But how much does it cost to live in this 3-D neighborhood? As we had anticipated, the 3D neighborhood was born from a need. The need to meet the poorer social classes, who have difficulty in finding a roof. Well, prices start from 19 euros, at the current exchange rate. In addition, selected families receive an incentive of 400Â pesos. It should be added that the project, called New Story, has achieved real recognition by the government. Recognition that has been made official with an agreement. To implement a Community plan for the creation of large green spaces, parks and basic primary services. All this by the end of 2020.
An ambitious project, but one with a noble purpose, no doubt.

So if you are curious to know more, we recommend you to stay on our site. We will transmit you all the news on the world real estate market !

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